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• 7/14/2018

The Old and New

Who else is hoping they make differences to the show that they didn’t do in the original charmed like for example

expand there powers quicker
Bring in a half witch-white lighter sister with a different destiny so there will be 4
New demons
New allies
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• 8/9/2018
IMO they've made TOO many changes already. I can't lie, the trailer left me feeling very disillusioned with the whole project. It just didn't feel like Charmed whatsoever. There was no warmth, no sense of mystery and whimsy. A film like Practical Magic is a good example of what I associate with Charmed, thematically, tonally and aesthetically. And this didn't feel anything of the sort. It was too direct and lacked a sense of there being a secret magic world. There were no hallmarks of Charmed either, no twinkly lights, orbs, the sound effects akin to the powers of freezing time and telekinesis were not even included, which to me is just a wasted opportunity. Why reboot the show if you aren't going to include even the smallest of easter eggs? Look at the first episode of Charmed, that dark moodiness and the rich, occult atmosphere was perfection. Why wouldn't they try to expand on that? I get it's it's own show but it can be independent whilst still using certain foundations of its predecessor. And can someone explain to me why the power of premonition has been scrapped in favour of telepathy??? That's not even a Warren power and this set of powers was not the one prophesied by Melinda Warren so how then are these girls supposed to be The Charmed Ones? Also premonitions were vital when it came to saving innocents and usually were the catalyst for adventures. There is just so much that is lacking and incorrect with this reboot, it's mind-boggling why they even did it as opposed to a brand new show instead. Anyway, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
• 10/17/2018

I hope they do not bring in any half witch-whitelighters. I hope they let being a whitelighter being an honor and gift when one dies, and not something anyone can have due to having a father who is a whitelighter.

I hope they make The Source more of a threat, and like the one in S3 that looked like Lucifer, not the typical demon half faced. This is one story I'm nervous about, I hope they build the Source up, and not introduce him in S1 or S2.

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