Alastair Caine is the CEO of Morningstar Biotech and a benefactor of the Hilltowne University laboratory. A charismatic businessman, Alastair and his son Hunter seek to capture the DNA of powerful Witches, such as Elders and The Charmed Ones.


After capturing the Harbinger of Hell, Charity Callaghan returned home with it. While on her way up to her floor, Caine walked into the elevator and used his power of mind control to make Charity switch her paint can, which contained the Harbinger, with his, and then walked out of the elevator.


Alastair appears to be a kind person but in reality is evil.

Physical Appearance

Powers & Abilities 

Active Powers

  • Mind Control: The ability to control and compel others to do one's bidding. Alastair's power came from his eyes.
  • Magic Sense: The power to sense manifestations of some magical energies, such as when he sensed the power of The Charmed Ones' spell to rewrite time.


  • Alastair shares the same name to a character from the original series, a chameleon demon by the same name of Alastair appeared in a Season 4 episode titled “Brain Drain.” A spy for the Source, Alastair was vanquished by his master after failing to take out the Charmed Ones. It’s unclear if the reboot’s Alastair is also one of the Source’s minions or just a nod to the original.