The Book of Shadows is a magical tome owned by the Vera Line of Witches. The Book belonged to Marisol Vera and was passed down to her three daughters after she was murdered.

Besides information about the craft, the Book contains many entries on beings from the magical community, including demons, warlocks, and other evil beings. It also contains many spells and recipes for potions.


It's unknown how old the Book of Shadows is and where it originated from, but it eventually ended up being passed down to Marisol Vera. Upon Marisol's death, it was given temporarily to whitelighter, Harry Greenwood, who would later give it to Marisol's three daughters, the Charmed Ones.


The Book of Shadows has a dark leather-bound cover with gold gilded edges and a gold clasp. The cover has lines that intersect each other with strange unknown symbols in them. The center has a silver triquetra in a silver circle. The pages are yellow and look aged.

Notable Entries

Powers and Abilities

  • Divination: The Book possesses a variation of this power called Bibliomancy, allowing it to answer any question as long the answer is written in its pages.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Vera Book of Shadows is an updated version of the Halliwell Book of Shadows with an all new cover. by the looks of it, the Vera Book of Shadows has a lock where the Halliwell book didn't.
  • There's an Easter egg where there's a page on Melinda Warren, the first witch in the Warren/Halliwell bloodline.


  • The Book of Shadows in the reboot is similar to the Book of Shadows in the original series. It has yellowed and aged pages like the original and serves the same purpose as the original, though it has a different cover.
  • It's unknown if the book was passed down through the family.
  • According to Maggie, there's a demon that harvests witch's organs to make smoothies.
  • According to Harry, the book has two thousand pages.