Brian is a recurring character on Charmed. He was the on-and-off boyfriend of Maggie Vera.


Brian at some point became a college student and became the on and off again boyfriend of Maggie. He was at one point possessed by a demon and went after Maggie. He was stopped when Macy found him and threw baking soda on him, destroying the demon and freeing Brian of the possession. Not knowing what had happened, Brian looked to Maggie but was met with a passionate kiss.

A few days later, Maggie invited him over to her house for stress relief sex after a tense day with her sorority sisters. The relief was sporadic, as she could hear Brian's every thought. She visited him at his workplace the next day and told him face to face that their relationship was over.


Not much is known about Brian but one can tell that he cares about the safety of Maggie very much, frequently telling her not to travel the woods to campus alone.

Physical Appearance


Romantic Life


  • Brian was named after Brian Krause who played Whitelighter Leo Wyatt in the original series
  • It's also possible Brian could play a similar role to Jeremy in the original series. Jeremy was Piper's boyfriend at the beginning of the original series who was the one responsible for killing witches.