Let me be a source of wisdom for you. That's what we Elders are here to help do.
— Charity to Mel

Charity Callaghan is an Elder and is a friend to Harry Greenwood and the late Marisol Vera.  


Early Life

Charity knew Marisol and Harry when she was a young witch. She would get into trouble and break the rules, something that she can relate to with the Charmed Ones. At some point, she began a romantic relationship with Harry and her sister Fiona joined the Sisters of Arcana, however when her sister apparently killed herself, she ended her relationship with Harry.

Sometime after Marisol gave birth to her first daughter, she came to Charity, asking her to perform a spell to remove her pain and grief. Charity did not understand why at the time but would come to learn the truth in the future.

Meeting the Charmed Ones

Charity came to the sisters' aid when Harry Greenwood called on the Elders for help to destroy the Harbinger of Hell. Despite Mel Vera's plea to help remove the Harbinger from Angela Wu's body, Charity was insistent on killing both the demon and the host.

When everyone, including Harry, went against her orders and showed her a hidden spell in the Book of Shadows, she decided to grant them one chance to save Angela. Though the exorcism was successful, the ritual came with an unexpected price: the death of Detective Trip Bailey, who had followed the sisters to the warehouse. Charity decided to cover up both the detective's death and the Halloween murders by framing the detective.

While on her way to secure the imprisoned Harbinger, she encountered Alastair Caine, who compelled her to give him the Harbinger.

Locating the Scythe of Tartarus

Charity returned to help the sisters track the Scythe of Tartarus and soon discovered it had been used to release a witch. She then had a talk with Mel, who had been invited to join the sisters of arcana, in which Charity warned Mel that the sarcana only care about themselves and that they wanted Mel to join them so that they could have want more power.


It is shown that she is a very wise and caring individual. She also is a very strict follower of the rules set down by the Elders.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew magical potions.
  • Divination: The ability to gain insight and to communicate with spirits through the use of arcane tools.
Active Powers
  • Muting: The ability to take away someone's voice, preventing them from being heard.
  • Portal Creation: The ability to create portals to travel from place to place, including alternate dimensions.
  • Disintegration: The ability to destroy an object by breaking it down into smaller particles and turning them to energy.


  • Charity and Marisol: Charity and Marisol had been friends since they were young witches, and they both became powerful Elders as they grew wiser. When Marisol gave away her first daughter to protect her, she asked Charity to extract all of her pain and anguish so that she may be able to move on with her life and prepare for what was to come for her daughters.


  • Charity is the second Elder to appear on the series.
  • In the original series, the first Elder didn't make an appearance until the fifth season.
  • Charity could likely be a play on Leo's friend Natalie from the original series. Only difference is, Natalie wasn't an Elder. It is also possible Charity is also the new series' version of Sandra, who was a recurring Elder in the later half of the original series.
  • According to Harry, she possesses a vast amount of magical powers.