Demons (or Inferi) are immortal supernatural beings driven by evil to kill innocents and the forces of good.



Demon Classification

By Hierarchy

Rulers of the Underworld

These are the most powerful demons at the top of the demon hierarchy:

Upper Level Demons

Upper-level demons are very powerful demons with high status. These demons usually require the Power of Three to vanquish. Some examples of these demons are:

Lower-Level Demons

These are demons with basic powers. They are easier to vanquish and don't usually require the Power of Three. Some don't even require magical means. Some examples of these demons are:

By Type

Notable Demons

Notes and Trivia

  • After death, demons' corpse tend to explode/vanish, to prevent the demon existence being discovered by mortals who may find the corpse. However, some require some time before their remains vanish.