My dad was never "Dexter." He was just "Dad"... or "Sir" when I was in trouble.
— Macy describing her dad

Dexter Vaughn was Macy Vaughn's father. He was a former partner of Marisol Vera.


When Macy was two years old, Marisol left them for unknown reasons. After lying to Macy about her mother passing away, he went on to raise her by himself.

He sent her to boarding school in ninth grade. Prior to the series, he passed away.



  • Macy Vaughn: After Marisol abandoned Macy when she was just two, Dexter lied to Macy, claiming that she died and went on to raise her. Years later, as an adult, Macy learns Marisol left her.
  • Maggie Vera: It is unknown if Dexter was aware that he fathered Macy's baby sister, Maggie.

Romantic Life

  • Marisol Vera: It is unknown how long his relationship with Marisol lasted.


  • He died prior to the series.
  • He is the first of the Charmed One's fathers to be mentioned.
  • His name was assumed to be Ray in Kappa Spirit.
  • In Keep Calm and Harry On, it is learned that Dexter fathered Maggie.