You're not an outsider. Not with me.
— Galvin to Macy Vaughn

Galvin Burdette[1] is a scientist who lives in Hilltowne, Michigan, he is a friend and love interest to Macy Vaughn.


Galvin is a scientist who works at the local university. He and Macy become acquainted when she first moves to town and a friendship is formed between them.


Galvin possesses strong morals

Physical Appearance


  • Scientific Knowledge: Galvin is a scientist and therefore possesses scientific knowledge.


Romantic Life

  • Galvin Burdette and Macy Vaughn: Galvin became friends with Macy when she first moved to Hilltowne and always hinted at wanting more. He tried many times to advance their relationship but he only found resistance from Macy. He was surprised when she kissed him on Halloween night and asked her out a couple of days later.


  • Unlike the other regulars, Galvin does not possess a counterpart from the original series nor has similarities to any original characters.
  • The original outlines for the character had him being in a relationship with Macy prior to the pilot. With him being on board to follow his lady across the country for her dream job. He also was an aspiring filmmaker who had yet to catch the break he’s sure is just around the corner. This was later changed to him being a scientist like Macy and not in a relationship with her before the series.[2]