Human is an individual who can be described through their absence of any supernatural feature such as magic.


Human are a mortal species like certain supernatural species such as witches. Their are incapable of manipulating magic and possess more weaknesses than any other species.


  • Mortality: Humans have weaknesses and are susceptible to many common forms of death, (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc).
  • Magic: Humans are susceptible to the powers of magic.

List of Humans

Humans Description Status
Niko Hamada Niko Hamada is a human detective who lives in Hilltowne Alive
Galvin Galvin is a human genetic who lives in Hilltowne. Alive
Brian Brian is a human who lives in Hilltowne. Alive
Parker Parker is a human college student who lives in Hilltowne. Alive
Trip Bailey Trip Bailey was the detective partner and friend of Niko Hamada Deceased