Human is an individual who can be described through their absence of any supernatural feature such as magic.


Human are a mortal species like certain supernatural species such as witches. Their are incapable of manipulate magic and possess more weaknesses than any other species.


  • Mortality: Humans are mortal and can die of various ways such as old age, drowning, immolation etc.
  • Magic: Humans are not immune to magic and can be affected by it. One example is that they are frozen by the power of molecular immobilization and their minds can be read.

List of Humans

Humans Description Status
Nico Hamada Niko Hamada is a human detective who lives in Hilltowne.. Alive
Galvin Galvin is a human scientist who lives in Hilltowne. Alive
Brian Brian is a human who lives in Hilltowne. Alive