Hunter Caine is the son of Alastair Caine and is the older half-brother of Parker Caine. He is a demonic assassin tasked with collecting DNA from powerful witches, such as the Elders and The Charmed Ones.


On the Hunt for DNA

In Other Women, Hunter was tasked with obtaining DNA samples from Elder witches. As part of this pursuit he targeted Niko Hamada for death. At the end of the episode, he reports to Alastair about his failure, concluding that witches had found spell to throw him off the scent and erase the memories about the person (or thing), which he was supposed to find. He also addresses to Alastair as "dad", revealing their kinship to the audience.

In Kappa Spirit, Hunter no longer remembers Niko was his target (Due to The Charmed Ones rewriting time), but remains dedicated to his mission to obtain DNA from powerful Witches. He kills Dr. Gregorian, when the chairman accidentally caught him stealing DNA of Macy. In Bug a Boo, Hunter defends his brother from their father's harshness when Alastair is angry at Parker because he keeps failing all the missions assigned to him. Later, he is in the guise of a waitress, is visiting Parker in the restaurant and instructs him to find a way to run an errand of father's.

In Jingle Hell, Hunter and his younger brother go to Bucharest to find the amulet on their father's order. Although he later ends up being imprisoned in Tartarus after Parker turns on him.


Hunter seems to have a sadistic and somewhat violent personality, showing disdain for humans and their emotions. He takes pleasure in desecrating Trip's grave and is completely remorseless in his attempts to murder Niko Hamada.

Despite this he displays affection and concern for his half-brother Parker.

Physical Appearance

Hunter's human appearance is a tall, handsome white man who seems to be in his twenties. He has brown hair and hazel eyes.

It is not known whether he looks in demonic form like his father, or whether his demonic form is very different.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Shapeshifting: The ability to copy another being's appearance. Hunter requires DNA contact with a person's body before he can assume their form. He is able to transform his clothing, as well as his body. While transformed his eyes will sometimes glow.
  • Smoking: The ability to change into and travel as a cloud of smoke. This smoke-like substance is capable of moving underground without showing any disruption to the soil.
  • Supernatural Strength: Able to hurl an adult across a room with one hand.
  • Deflection: The ability to deviate magical attacks. Hunter used it to blow Mel's power back at her.
Passive Powers
  • Resistance: Hunter was able to resist and break out of the temporal stasis of a Charmed One.
  • Magic Sense: The ability to detect magical energies, such as the 'temporal shift' of The Charmed Ones' spell to rewrite time; though he was unable to determine exactly what was changed.


  • Unlike his half brother, Hunter is a full demon.
  • The fans attributed to Hunter surname "Caine". But officially it is not yet known whether he carry his father's surname in the serial or not.