This is a list of all Magical Powers introduced in Charmed.

Known Powers

Power Description Type Known Users
Telekinesis is the ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind. Versatile
Temporal Stasis
Temporal Stasis is the ability to halt the flow of time. Defensive
Telepathy is the ability to read people's thoughts. Supportive
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Teleportation is the power to move from place to another instantaneously without occupying the space in between. Transportation
Super strength
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Strength is the power to be stronger than what is naturally possible. Offensive
An Imposter Demon
Supernatural Agility
Supernatural Agility is the power to have greater agility, speed and balance than what is naturally possible. Supportive
Hunter Shapeshifting 1
Shapeshifting is the power to alter one's form and appearance. Supportive
Demonic possession
Possession is the power to inhabit another person or being's body usually without consent. Supportive
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Healing is the power to restore an individual to full health and pristine condition. Supportive
Harry being summoned
Remote Hearing
Remote Hearing is the power to hears one's name being spoken, regardless of distance. Passive
Cryokinesis is the power to manipulate temperatures, generate frost and ice. Offensive
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Conjuration is the power to materialize and vanish objects and beings at will. Supportive
Memory manipulation
Memory Erasure
Memory Erasure is the power to erase the memories of others. Supportive
Charmed- Disintigration PowerTouch of Death Touch of Death is the power to kill someone just by touching them. Offensive
Tumblr phqc4oPprL1qf3bujo8 400Muting Muting is the power to take away someone's voice rendering them unable to speak. Supportive
OrbsDisintegration Disintegration is the power to destroy objects by breaking them into small particles. Supportive
Portal1Portal Creation Portal Creation is the power to create portals to travel from one place to another. Transportation
Tumblr pid3kgziNl1uetewzo2 500Mermerizing Mesmerizing is the power to control a person's actions, thoughts, and feelings through verbal commands. Supportive
SmokingSmoking Smoking is the power to transform one's body and clothing into a smoke-like substance and transport oneself to another location. Transportation
Magic Sense Magic Sense is the power to sense the manifestation of powerful magical energies. Passive
FlightFlight Flight is the power to defy gravity and propel oneself in any direction. Transportation
Brand suggestionPersuasion Persuasion is the power to implant suggestions into a person and manipulate their actions. Supportive
IntagibilityIntangibility Intangibility is the power to phase through physical matter. Passive
Electrokinesis - Jada ShieldsElectrokinesis Electrokinesis is the power to generate and project electricity. Offensive
Jada electric teleportationElectrokinetic Teleportation Electrokinetic Teleportation is the power to teleport through lightning or electricity. Transportation
Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis is the power to create, control and manipulate fire. Elemental