The relationship between witch, Macy Vaughn and human, Galvin Burdette.


Macy and Galvin were initally friends when Macy moved to Hilltowne and started to work at the university but Galvin would always hint at wanting more.

Season One

Macy and Galvin's relationship starts off as friendship when Macy moved to Hilltowne to work at the lab, but Galvin would always hint at wanting more. With a little help from Maggie and a near death experience, Macy kissed him. A couple of days later, Galvin asked Macy out only for her to turn him down. He eventually breaks up with his girlfriend whom he met shortly after getting the message from Macy. Macy eventually asked for him to give her another shot to which he agreed to.



  • While walking, Galvin tells her he can "lean on him", hinting he likes her.
  • At the bar, Galvin tells her doesn't know her *YET* flirting with her.

Let This Mother Out

Sweet Tooth

Exorcise Your Demons

Other Women

Kappa Spirit

Out of Scythe

Bug a Boo

Jingle Hell

Keep Calm and Harry On

  • Galvin learns about the existence of the supernatural world and Macy kiss him.