You're better together. Your differences are your strengths. And nothing is stronger than your sisterhood. So, nurture that.
— Marisol to Mel and Maggie

Marisol Vera is the mother of Macy Vaughn, Mel and Maggie Vera.


Marisol was born into a presumed family of witches and eventually had three daughters to assumedly three different men. After the birth of her eldest daughter, Macy, Marisol gave her up, though it is unknown whether Macy was given up for adoption or whether she was raised solely by her father.

Some years later, Marisol gave birth to a second daughter, Melanie, better known as Mel.

A few years after Mel's birth, Marisol had a third daughter, Margarita, nicknamed Maggie.

Upon the births of each of her daughters, Marisol bound their powers so they could live normal lives.

After Maggie entered college, Marisol knew something was coming for her daughters, so she started to unbind her daughters's powers, but was murdered by an unknown evil force before the ritual could be completed.

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Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers


Marisol is seen as warm and maternal towards her two younger daughters. She's also seen to be a powerful witch who takes her craft very seriously. She's so serious about it that she bound her three daughters' powers in order to keep them safe.

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Physical Appearance

Marisol is a woman between her forties and fithties with long hair that reaches her shoulders.


  • Marisol is murdered by a demon in the pilot. At this time she was in the middle of unbinding the girls' powers.
  • In the original series, it was the sister's grandmother that died shortly before the sisters discovered they were witches, and their mother had died when they were children.
  • She gave up her eldest child at birth for unknown reasons.
    • It is possible that Macy's biological father is a Whitelighter and was a secret love child, similar to Paige Matthews in the original series.
    • It's also possible that Macy was raised by her father.
  • It appears that Marisol is a combination of Penny "Grams" Halliwell and her daughter, Patty Halliwell from the original. She [Marisol] bound her daughters' powers at birth. Grams bound her granddaughters' powers after their mother [Patty] was killed by a Water Demon when her three older daughters were only young.
  • According to TV Guide, each Vera sister has a different father.
  • It's possible that Marisol was named after actress Marisol Nichols who appeared in the original series in the episode 'Chris-Crossed' as Chris's fiancée, Bianca. Nichols now stars in Riverdale as Hermione Lodge.