Memory Erasure is the power to erase the memories of others. Thus far, the ability has only been shown to being used on humans.

It is currently unknown whether this ability is effective on witches, whitelighters, demons or other supernatural beings.


Whitelighter Harry Greenwood is the only being shown to possess this power. He first mentioned it when offering to erase the memories of Cameron Russo, who witnessed the sister's vanquish of Taydeus. This power is later shown for the first time when Harry erases the memories of a Hilltowne University janitor who was attacked by the primordial form of the Harbringer of Hell.

The user must be physically close to person whose memories they wish to wipe. They then hold their hand towards the target and a glowing white light will emit from the hand while the power is active.

It is assumed, but not proven, that this ability is common to all whitelighters and not an ability unique to Harry.

Known Users


  • Like healing, this Whitelighter power also generates light when wielded.
  • Unlike healing, the light effect is CGI while healing is the result of having a light bulb in the actor's hand.