Niko Hamada is a main character of Charmed. She is a former homicide detective for the Hilltowne Police Department and is the ex-girlfriend of Mel Vera.

Early Life

Original Timeline

Niko trained to become a police officer before being promoted to a detective. She was paired with fellow detective, Trip Bailey.

At some point in her life, she got engaged to a woman named Greta but would end the engagement when she fell in love with Mel. The two would date for some time but when Mel's mother died, Mel became angry with everyone and Niko had to leave her.

Current Timeline

It's unknown how much Niko's life has changed since the temporal spell casted by the charmed ones but it's assumed she may never left Greta and she never moved to Hilltowne.


Physical Appearance


  • Detective Training: Niko is a police detective and received training in order to do her job efficiently.
    • Investigation Skills: Niko is an investigator and looks into all of her cases very thoroughly.



  • Niko and Trip Bailey: Niko and Trip were partners and friends. The two worked well together but had differences when Trip started to become suspicious of Mel and her sisters. When Trip died, Niko was devastated from losing her friend but was even more upset by the fact that he was linked to the Halloween murders.

Romantic Life

  • Niko and Mel Vera: Niko has a long history with Mel, having left her fiance for the witch. The two were together until Mel's mother died, putting a strain on the two's relationship and forcing Niko to break up with Mel. The two got back together after Mel discovered that she was a witch and let go all of the anger she had from her mother's death.
  • Niko and Greta: Niko and Greta were engaged but Niko ended the engagement to be with Mel. When Mel and Niko were broken up for a while, Niko had sex with Greta but felt guilty about the situation.


  • Niko serves a similar role Andy Tradeau and Darryl Morris did in the original series.
  • She is a lesbian.
    • Second LGBT + character to appear in the series.
    • She and Mel are the first lesbian couple to be featured in the Charmed universe.