Summer is Galvin Burdette's ex-girlfriend and works as a sports journalist.


Summer, a sports journalist, met Galvin at the Hilltowne Homecoming Tailgate Party and begun having sex with him.

Maggie planted a seed of suspicion in Macy when she told her Summer may be a demon, supported by Harry's knowledge about succubi. They went to investigate at the bar where Summer and Galvin hung out, where Macy noticed a mystical mark on Galvin's hip and tattoos of wings and a tail on Summer's back.

They followed Summer back to Galvin's place, where Macy used a Succubus Vanquishing Spell to try to vanquish her. When it didn't work, they realized their mistake and Summer was merely human. Days later, she gets a moment alone to talk to Macy. She tells Macy to back off from Galvin.

Days later, Galvin reveals that he and Summer broke up.


While she appears to be nice to everyone she meets, she becomes cold to anyone she deems a threat to her relationship with Galvin.

Physical Appearance

Summer is noted by several people to be attractive.