Telekinesis is the power to move objects or individuals with one's mind.


This ability can be channeled either through one's eyes (like Macy Vaughn) or through one's hands (like Harry Greenwood). As one's power develops, they may be able to use the power intuitively, no longer needing to concentrate in order to move something. This was shown by Macy when she threw a tree branch without thinking and by Harry when he stopped a globe from hitting him without paying it any attention.

This is one of the most common powers available to the magical community and proves to be one of the most versatile. Telekinesis is truly a neutral ability since both good and evil seem to frequently share this ability.

Abilities developed from Telekinesis


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Macy deflecting an icicle thrown by Taydeus

When Macy's power was unbound, she gained the ability to deviate attacks.

Known Users

Original power


  • In the original series, telekinesis was possessed by Prue. Paige used an alternative form of telekinesis calling "Telekinetic Orbing", which was a hybrid of telekinesis and orbing.