The Elders are a council of senior good witches who govern other good witches and oversee whitelighters. They direct whitelighters in their effort to guide and protect witches.


The Elders create and enforce rules and guidelines for witches and whitelighters. They usually intervene from time to time to help provide guidance and wisdom. There are usually consequences to those who disobey directives from the Elders.

Despite their magical responsibilities, the Elders live among people as regular people, dealing with regular human responsibilities like jobs and families.


The Killing of The Elders

Three months before the Vera sisters became the Charmed Ones, a yet-to-be-identified entity started killing Elders, starting with the sister's mother, Marisol Vera.[1] This led to a series of murders and by Exorcise Your Demons, three other elders had been killed.

These murders did not go unnoticed by Detective Trip Bailey who started digging into them to figure out the connections. For his safety, Trip kept all of his investigation details in his fishing cabin. Just before his death, Trip informed his friend, Niko about the investigation. Following Trip's death, Niko became convinced that Trip was killed because of the investigation into the murders. Despite Mel's urge to stay out of it for her safety, Niko went to the cabin and found a wall with all the connections about the murder. She took the photos which Mel later copied to her phone for the Charmed Ones to investigate.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew and concoct potions, remedies and elixirs that have supernatural properties.
  • Divination: The ability to gain insight through arcane tools.
Other Powers
  • Individual Powers: Since they are witches, Elders possess a variety of powers that are unique to each individual.

Known Elders


  • In the original series, the Elders (also known as the Founders or referred to as "They" or "Them") were a powerful group of elder whitelighters who advised and governed the forces of good. Their purpose was to preserve the "greater good" by directing their whitelighters to guide and protect both witches and future whitelighters. The Elders resided in the Heavens and communicated with witches through their assigned whitelighters.
  • Unlike the original series, the Elders are actually witches. 
  • In the original series, no Elder made an appearance until the fifth season.
  • In between episodes Pilot and Exorcise Your Demons, there had been at least three Elders murdered after Marisol Vera.