The Power of Three is the term that refers to the Vera sisters working together as The Charmed Ones. The power is represented by the Triquerta on the front of the Book of Shadows.


Marisol Vera was a powerful witch who gave birth to three daughters; Macy, Melanie and Margarita. For a currently unknown reason, Marisol was not able to raise Macy and it's unclear as to who Macy's father is.

Marisol attempts to unbind her daughters' powers but is murdered before she is able to complete the process. Her spellbook, the Book of Shadows ended up in the hands of Whitelighter Harry Greenwood who is tasked with guiding the girls.

Mel and Maggie meet Macy when she shows up on their doorstep with a photo of her as a baby with Marisol. Mel and Maggie have a hard time accepting Macy is their sister, but soon come around to the idea when they're tied to chairs and given their mother's spellbook by Harry who explains they're Charmed Ones.

Harry explains that the sisters have a choice in whether they accept their powers and they have 48 hours to decide. Mel is all for the idea as it could help them solve their mother's murder. Her sisters are hesitant with them both stating witches aren't real. After some time, Macy and Maggie come around to the idea of being witches.

After discovering a spirit board, the girls contact their mother who warns them not to trust Harry.

More to Come...


  • Unlike the original series, the Veras get a choice as to whether they become The Charmed Ones. The Halliwell sisters didn't get that luxury.
  • Like the original series, the Power of Three is represented on the front of the Book of Shadows with the Triquetra.