I'm sorry, but she's hiding something. They all are. I can feel it.
— Trip sharing his suspicions about the Charmed Ones with Niko

Trip Bailey worked as a detective in the Hilltowne Police Department with Niko Hamada.[1]


Trip Bailey became a detective at Hilltowne Police Department at an unknown time and became the partner of Niko Hamada.


Physical Appearance


  • Detective Training: Bailey was a police detective and received training in order to efficiently do his job.
  • Tracking/Tailing: Bailey was able to tail Mel Vera for a while without being spotted. He was also able to track her and her sisters even though Mel used her powers to lose him.



  • Bailey likely served a similar role that Darryl Morris did in the original series alongside Niko Hamada.
  • Similarly to Andy Trudeau, Trip suffered a premature death.


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